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Optimize your computer’s performance by removing registry problems
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WinZip Registry Optimizer is intended to improve your computer’s performance and stability by fixing defective entries and defragging data on your registry. The tool has a nice tabbed interface, which is very easy to navigate. If you do not feel qualified enough to perform the tasks by yourself, it is a good idea to schedule the program to do everything automatically.

When starting a scan, the tool lets you select the registry areas that you intend to fix. These include invalid paths, file associations, defective program shortcuts, shared DLLs, COM/ActiveX and some more. Once the results are ready, the program shows a list of all the problems found, from which you can pick the ones you want to repair. Similarly, the application can perform an analysis to determine the level of fragmentation in the Registry. These results are graphically represented as a series of blocks, which makes them easier to understand.

Besides the two features already described, the program also includes a startup manager, intended to reduce the time your computer takes to boot. What it does is to show a list of the applications and services starting automatically with the system. Then, you should decide which entries to keep or inactivate.

When I tried the program, it worked as expected. I have to admit that it came up with a long list of problems even when I had optimized my computer with another product the day before. However, its trial version fixes only 25 of the errors found. This is a severe limitation that makes it impossible to measure the real impact on system performance. Most of all, considering that what this kind of program does feels slightly esoteric for standard users. Luckily, you should not worry about messing with the registry because it creates restoration points to undo undesirable changes.

In general, WinZip Registry Optimizer seems to be quite good at finding registry issues. However, I do not have enough evidence of its effectiveness in actually fixing them. It is good for you to know that it ranks as average according to various benchmarking results published on the Internet.

Pedro Castro
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  • Scan scheduler
  • Registry defragmenter
  • Startup manager
  • Restoration points
  • Effective in finding problems


  • Trial version with lots of limitations
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